CTE Internships

CTE Workplace Skills Class

11th and 12th Grade Students

General Information:

Teacher: Mrs. Marta Rae Diamond

Work-based Learning Coordinator

Copper Hills High Area Schools


Room 1132

Email:  martarae.diamond@jordandistrict.org

Website:  http://chhs-diamond.weebly.com


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Internship Application


Student internships are experiences where students work for an employer for a specified period of time to learn about a particular industry or occupation. Internship programs extend formal classroom learning into the community. Internships are:

  • Linked to a related CTE class
  • Unpaid
  • Time limited – one semester
  • Practical application of concurrently or previously studied theory or related curriculum
  • Connected to career goals and their CCR
  • Opportunities for students to explore career options in a particular field of work

During an internship, students in 11th-12th grade, have the opportunity to apply formal classroom learning to actual career situations. Students explore a spectrum of career skills in a single occupation or area of emphasis.


  • Must be 16 years old and a Junior or Senior in High School
  • You MUST have reliable transportation to and from your internship!!
  • You must have time available to go to your internship. Please make sure your schedule allows you to be available to get your hours in at the worksite!  (If you are involved in sports, the school musical, or anything else that takes up the majority of your time after school, you will not be able to take this class.)
  • Good Grades
  • Good attendance
  • Related high school class
  • Complete the Internship Application and be accepted into the program
  • First three week you will attend class and get prepared for your worksite
  • Attend required class Seminars
  • Attend Internship Site
  • Last two weeks you will attend class and make presentation about your experience