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Senior Sunset Letter

Public Meeting on Road Project

The project on New Bingham Highway and Grizzly Way continues. There will be a public meeting at the High School next week on the 17th. Here is a link to the project website, which includes a video of the parking on Grizzly Way. Check it out:

Solo and Ensemble Festival Results

Please congratulate the following students for their incredible Superior performances at State Solo and Ensemble Festival:

Chamber Choir:


Large Ensembles:

Madrigal Men; Madrigal Women

Small Ensembles:
Katelyn Brunson & Bryan Buhler

Mandy McAnally, Kristi Petterborg, Erik Peterson & Trevor Noble

Mandy McAnally; Shayla Jessup; Maddy Hutchins; Sam Adamson; Abigail Hokanson; Patrick Hawkins
Tyler Blackham also received an Excellent rating.

CHTV Dominates at UHSFF

Please congratulate the following CHTV Filmers for winning the most awards at the Utah High School Film Festival yesterday. This is an intense competition against high schools from Logan to St. George.

1st Place
Logan Christiansen for his music video – “I Miss You”
Talon Hall, Ryan Cutler and Isaac Mathis for their movie trailer “The Midnight Murderer”
Sam Hakanson for the 48 Hour Shootout (two days to write, film and edit a film- an extremely difficult task) “Narwhal”
Isaac Mathis for his Demo Reel

2nd Place
Sam Hakason & Josh and Talon Hall “The Movies”

3rd Place
Logan Christiansen – Avant Garde “Smoke”
Isaac Mathis, Ryan Cutler, Josh Hall- Comedy “Fall Dating”

Honorable Mention
Logan Christiansen Demo Reel
Isaac, Logan, talon, Ryan, Josh & Cameron Memmott Short Film “The Loop”

All of these films can be viewed on the CHTV News YouTube Channel.
Thanks so much.

Attendance School Schedule 4th Quarter

Just Some Fun Events!!

Media Curriculum is Tops at CH

At the Scholastic Media Awards at Utah State University, Copper Hills returned as the winningest school overall.
CHTV News dominated and was given Broadcast News Show of the Year in addition to:
1st Voiceover – Liv Offen
1st Event Promotion – Liv Offen
1st Editing – Logan Christiansen
1st Event Promotion – Isaac Mathis
1st PSA – Isaac Mathis
1st Broadcast Feature Story – Sam Hakanson
1st General News Story – Aubrey Petty
1st Sports Broadcasting – Brandon Farley
1st Advertising Logo – Brandon Farley
1st Video Advertising – Josh Hall, Ryan Cutler, Isaac Mathis
2nd Event Promotion – Logan Christiansen
2nd Broadcast Interview – Logan Christiansen
2nd Broadcast Feature – Logan Christiansen
2nd General News – Talon Hall
2nd Sports News – Talon Hall
The Grizzly Growl also took home a few awards in a back and forth battle against Highland and East high schools.
Best Website – Cassandra Ivie
Best Original Cartoon – Alexis Hilton
Best Front Page Design – Amanda McAnally
1st General Photography – Shane Carpenter
1st Reviews – Chasity Mayo
2nd Humor Column – Sam Adamson
2nd News Photography – Shane Carpenter
2nd Sports Photography – Baileigh Beebe
2nd Local News Story – Amanda McAnally
2nd School News Story – Christina Tran
It’s an honor to work with such talented students. Congratulate them if you see them.

Suicide Prevention

Student safety is a top priority in Jordan School District. To further our efforts in helping students in crisis and suicide prevention, we will be holding an educational workshop for parents called “Suicide Prevention: Raising Children in Challenging Times.”

The workshop will be conducted by a nationally-recognized expert in school safety and suicide prevention, Dr. Scott Poland.

An evening session led by Dr. Poland is being held for parents district-wide.

  • Monday, April 16, Riverton High Auditorium 6:30 – 8 p.m.

Dr. Poland is a certified school psychologist and a founding member of the National Emergency Assistance Team for the National Association of School Psychologists. He previously served as the Prevention Director for the American Association of Suicidology. He has led multiple national crisis teams following school shootings and suicides.

Thank you for your participation in this important event and for your efforts in helping to keep students safe throughout Jordan School District.

Soccer Youth Camp

Click here to get a copy of the Participant Registration Form.

Attendance Policy Change

Beginning Monday, March 26th we are changing a part of our Attendance Policy.  Beginning now, late students will go straight to class, unless they have a note from home excusing their absences or tardy. If your student has a note, they must stop in at the Attendance Office to turn in the note and have that absence or tardy excused on their way to class.

If your student does not have a note and is late for class, any time of the day, they should go directly to class.  Teachers will mark them accordingly.  “A” for absent, “T” for tardy (10 minutes or less late), and a “W” if your student is 11 minutes or more late but does attend class that period.

Parents may excuse absences with a signed note or phone call for 5 school days after the absence.  Please be sure to name your student in the note along with the date of the absence and sign the note. We are open for phone calls from 7:00am to 3:00pm each school day.  Our office number is 801-256-5310.

Just a reminder: students who are here at school must check out in the Attendance Office before leaving school.  Absences given to students who leave school without checking out will remain absences and may not be excused after the fact.

We are hoping this change will get our student into class faster and avoid having them wait in line.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Debate Wins State!!

This past weekend, the CHHS debate team defended their title and won State. The team’s hard work really paid off and not only showed with bringing home the gold, but in first place individual wins in every event but 3 (5 first place individual awards). Followed is a list of these individual accomplishments:

Sariah Pursar-1st
Rachael Schafer-4th
Foreign Extemp
Cassie Ivie-1st
Tyler Houston-4th
Brook Zorn-6th
National Extemp
Cheyenne Hahn-3rd
Alyssa Appleman-7th
Joy Bryce-8th
Daud Mumin-1st
Justyne Colotla-2nd
Lazaro Garcia-7th
Ariana Nelson and Bailey Brunyer-1st
Vivian Lee and Nathan Tanner-7th
Public Forum
Erin Howell and Asia Rowell-5th
Anastacia Tennant-3rd
Jack Waters-1st
Matthew Cuthbert-1st
Alyssa Beckstead-5th

Prostart Takes 3rd!!

The CHHS Prostart Management Team placed 3rd at State!

The management competition is a buisness plan competition where the students create a restaurant concept and are judged by industry professionals in the following categories: 1) Restaurant Concept 2) Marketing 3) Critical Issues 4) Layout & Staffing 5) Menu & Costing.
The team consisted of the following students:
Team Captain: Maya Mackay
Emma Baugh
Kalob Schumann
Cody Long
Alternate: Melanie Brown
Honorary Alternate: Rylee Holt

Region Theatre Individual Events

Last night Copper Hills Theatre competed at the Region Theatre Individual Events.  The students can compete in six categories and qualify to compete at State Competition in April.  Our ENTIRE team of all 20 events qualified to go to State this year.  Here are the students who qualified and the students who received Straight Superiors from all three judges and received medals of honor.  Please congratulate these students on their SUPERIOR work.

Contemporary Scenes from 1901- Present Day
Heather Davis & Maddi Jolley
Ehbanee DeJesus & Tanner Harbert – Medal of Honor

Steven Baker & Brevan Peterson – Medal of Honor and 3rd Place in Region

Classical Scenes from Ancient Theatre – 1900
Trey Houck & Josh Thompson

Kaitlyn Thompson & Annalyn George – Medal of Honor

Dramatic Monologues
Kayden Clark – Medal of Honor
Emma Huefner – Medal of Honor
Dicte Sarah Jensen

Maddy Hutchins – Medal of Honor

Humorous Monologues
Jordynn Benson
Jakob Newlon
Anahka Asay – Medal of Honor

Logon Doerr

Andrew McBride – Medal of Honor
Luke Shepherd  & Courtney Boren

Zach Nixon & Jaren Jeeter – Medal of Honor

Musical Theatre
Jeremiah Sandberg, Zac Beatty, Colby Mallet & Ethan Peterson – Medal of Honor
Tiaree McGee, Cora Stone & Taci Miner – Medal of Honor & 2nd Place in Region
Trevor Noble & Erik Peterson – Medal of Honor
Bryan Buhler – Medal of Honor

Region Solo and Ensemble Results

Our Vocal Music students participated in Region Solo & Ensemble on Tuesday.  Please congratulate the following students that made it to State:


Madrigal Men

Madrigal Women

Kate Brunson & Bryan Buhler
Mandy McAnally, Trevor Noble, Erik Peterson, Kristi Petterborg

Sam Adamson

Tyler Blackham

Patrick Hawkins

Abigail Hokanson

Maddy Hutchins

Shayla Jessup

Mandy McAnally

FBLA Wins Big

Our FBLA team competed in their State Competition against over 1,500 students and came home with some gold and qualifiers for nationals in Baltimore, Maryland.
The following kids took home awards:
1st place: Emma Huefner and Cassie Ivie for Global Business (each received a $100 scholarship)
1st place and also receiving a $100 scholarship: Natalie Smiley in Graphic Design.
4th place:  Cassie Ivie and Natalie Smiley in Emerging Business Issues
4th place: Bailey VanWagoner in Job Interview
5th place: Ian Williams in Help Desk
6th place: Allison Whitlock in E-Business
6th place: Bailey VanWagoner in Electronic Career Portfolio
8th place: Gavin Sullivan and Carter Ferguson in Publication Design
9th place: Hala Louviere in Business Communications
9th place: Mashayla Daley, Meghan Wadsworth and Madison Peto in Business Plan

Please congratulate our FBLA kids for an awesome season.


AP Test Information


This information is to help you register for your AP exam/s

  • Registration for AP exams begins March 6, 2018 at 5:00 AM.   Pleasego to   Please fill out all of the information asked for on the registration website, choose the exam/s you wish to take and select your teacher/s.
  • Please be sure to have a credit card or debit card available before beginning registration.  Check payment is also available.
  • Registration is not complete until you have printed the PDF receipt for your records
  • The Deadline for registration and paying exam fees without a late fee is March 22, 2018 at 11:59 p.m.   You may register for exams with a late fee of $20 from March 23 at 12:01 a.m. until April 2 at 11:59 p.m.  Student wanting to order AP exams after April 9, will need to contact Shelley Nudd in the counseling center a $55 late fee will be added to exam fee.  NO EXAMS WILL BE ORDERED AFTER APRIL 19, 2018 at 1:00 p.m.
  • The exam price is $97 per exam
  • Fee Reductions:  If you are on free or reduced lunch or a school fee waiver, you qualify for a fee reduction.  Fee reduction exam fee is $58. You must follow the steps below to verify your lunch status before March 20, 2018 to avoid a late fee.
  • Bring your Free and Reduced lunch verification letter from Jordan District Nutrition Services to Shelley Nudd in the counseling center by March 20, 2018.
  • If you no longer have the Free and Reduced lunch verification letter you must contact Julie Dunn (801-567-8765) at the district to receive a copy of this letter.  This letter must be to Shelley Nudd by March 20, 2018.  
  • School fee waivers must be verified by Michelle in the main office, please see Michelle for this paperwork and return it to Shelley Nudd in the Counseling center.
  • When you register online you will need to check the box that says you are on free or reduced lunch or a school fee waiver.  The registration site will send you and email allowing you to pay after you have completed the verification.
  • Foreign Exchange students do not qualify for a fee reduction.

If you fail to take the exam you paid for or do not finish the exam you will not receive a full refund.

Shelley Nudd’s email:

Diploma Spelling

SENIORS…..Please check the spelling of your name for your diploma.  The list is located on the registrar’s office window.  Your name should read the same as your birth certificate.  Please see the registrar if changes are needed.

ACT Information

On Feb. 27th, all junior students will take the ACT free of charge.  Sophomore and senior students will not attend school on Feb. 27th.

If you do not have a US History class please come to the counseling center to sign up to complete your not-testing portion of the test.  This must be done before Feb. 26th.

Testing room assignments will be posted in the commons and outside the counseling center by Feb. 23rd.

JUNIORS:  Please bring a photo ID and leave your cell phone in your locker.

Attendance School Schedule


Scholarship Info

Distinguished Young Women Scholarship program: Junior girls who are interested in learning life skills like interviewing, and public speaking, and would like to showcase your talent and scholastic abilities – The Distinguished Young Women Scholarship Program is for you! Join us for an information session, Feb. 28 during Grizzly Opts. in the Tech Atrium. Find out more at See Mrs. Summers in the Counseling Center with questions.


Jiffy Lube Student Scholarships

Students in Driver’s Ed
Deadline: April 16, 2018

Licensed Drivers
Deadline: March 19, 2018

Program Overview
Three Finalists will be selected in both categories from the 500 word “What Drives You?” essays. Each finalists will be guaranteed a $1500 award and then will create and submit a unique 1-2 min. video that expands on their essay in their own candid words, visuals, etc. The overall $6,500 scholarship winner will be chosen from these videos. Click on guidelines, rules and eligibility for complete details.

Springville Art Competition Results

The Springville Art Museum Competition results are in!! All of our students did an amazing job!!  Copper Hills had the most accepted entries out of all the schools in the state.  Please congratulate the following students….

Dustin Duong

Anastasia Fielding

Justin Fullmer

Nathan Hauserman

Rylee Holt

Aidan Leggat

Katherine Nguyen

Kaitlyn Thorpe

Maile Ricks

Anne Foisy

Reflections Results

The region level of Reflections judging just wrapped up last week and we have some students we need to recognize.  The students who won Award of Excellence will now move on to the state level to be judged. We are so thrilled that 3 of our students were recognized and two are moving on again.

PTA Reflections Award of Excellence Winners for the Region Level:

Danielle Dalton-Photography

Enfany Ngo-Photography

Award of Merit:

Carter Coombs-Literature

Scholarship Info

Utah State University’s Jon M. Huntsman School of Business has 100+ spots open currently for incoming USU high school students to apply for an $8,000 scholarship.

An applicant must have ONE of the following:

  • Top 10% of high school class
  • 3.7+ GPA
  • 28+ ACT (1250+ SAT)
  • 3.5+ GPA & 24+ ACT (1090+ ACT)

The application link is

Reflections Results

We just had the Council Level Awards Ceremony and we had 4 students that were recognized for their art. Three of them received Award of Excellence and will move on the the Region Level of Judging.

PTA Reflections Award of Excellence Winners for the Council Level:

Carter Coombs-Literature

Danielle Dalton-Photography

Enfany Ngo-Photography

Award of Merit:

Alexis Smith-Visual art

Math Credit Recovery

The math department will be offering credit recovery classes for students who have failed Secondary Math 1, 2, or 3. Students can sign up on the CH Counseling webpage.

If you or your students have any questions they can contact Ms. Beus, Ms. Beatty, or Ms. Hatch.


College and Career Readiness Meeting

Junior parents/students please visit the counseling webpage to sign up for your individual Plan for College and Career Readiness meeting with your counselor.

Reflections Winners

We want to thank all of the students who participated in the PTA Reflections Art program and shared their artistic talents!

Congratulations to our Reflections winners for Copper Hills High School! The Award of Excellence recipients will be moving on to represent CHHS at the Council Level. We wish you the best of luck at the next level of judging!

Award of Excellence Winners:
Chasity Mayo (Literature)
Carter Coombs (Literature)
Grace Bramlage (Visual Art)
Alexis Smith (Visual Art)
Maryn Hansen (Visual Art)
Kylie Johnson (Visual Art)
Danielle Dalton (Photography)
Enfany Ngo (Photography)
Award of Merit Recipients:
Madisyn “Rosie” Davis (Visual Art)
Holli Cochran (Visual Art)
Baylee Taylor (Visual Art)
Lindsey Howell (Literature)

Business and Marketing Club

Kudos to the Copper Hills’ Business & Marketing Club for excelling at yesterday’s Herriman Invitational.  In their first competition of the year, and competing with 27 high schools and over 700 students, Copper Hills brought 38 team members.  The following awards were achieved:

Cassie Ivie and Bailey Van Wagoner each took 1st Place in Impromptu Speaking.
Rachel Starley took 3rd Place in Impromptu Speaking as well.
Ethan Ramos and Preston Van Valkenburgh took 1st Place in Business Law & Ethics
Brody Wilson took 1st Place in Marketing Management.
Vanessa Krurger took 2nd Place in Retail Management.
Tayloranne Johnson and Justin Fullmer took 3rd Place in Hospitality & Tourism
Please join me in congratulating all of our Business & Marketing Club members who competed, and especially those who brought medals back to Copper Hills.

Mr. Marshall Highlighted for Art Pieces

Congrats to Mr. Marshall for his showcase of art pieces.

CH Students Experience Journalism First Hand

Click on the link below to see the full story.

Grizz Alumni Awarded Financial Empowerment Scholarship

Former Grizzly, Austin Scholes, has been awarded the third annual BankMobile Financial Empowerment Scholarship.  Austin competed with over 2,100 Business Seniors from major universities across the country.  He is a Senior in the Business Scholars program at the University of Utah.
Austin Scholes graduated, with his associates degree, from Copper Hills, two years ago.  He was president of our DECA chapter, a state finalist Sterling Scholar in Business & Marketing, won the Mountain America $3,000 Financial Literacy Awareness Campaign, and took first place in a number of DECA and FBLA state events, qualifying to represent the state of Utah at Nationals.
Austin is a product of Copper Hills High School, and is continuing to achieve academic excellence after graduation.  He took nearly every Business, Marketing, Economics, and Computer Technology class that we offer.  Way to go, former Grizzly, Austin Scholes.

Thank You to Chick Fil A Owner Rob Dinsdale

The SMRT Math Tutoring Program is so fortunate to have the community support from our local business partner Chick Fil A.  Copper Hills would like to thank Mr. Rob Dinsdale, Owner-Operator of Jordan Landing Chick Fil A restaurant for five years of support. A plaque was presented this past week to Mr. Dinsdale in appreciation.  Go Grizzlies!